Cambridge Guitar Repairs

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The Guitar Repair Business

Cambridge Guitar Repairs is an in-house repair, upgrade and restoration facility, for all fretted stringed musical instruments; including guitar, bass, banjo and mandolin was established by Dave Webster in 1993. Repairs, upgrades and servicing work are undertaken by Dave Webster in the Studio Workshop. All parts and workmanship are fully guaranteed. To ensure complete satisfaction our customers are given the opportunity to play their serviced or repaired instrument at the time of collection.

Cambridge Guitar Repairs Services include:

Fret Dressing

The process of partial or complete levelling of all frets, re-crowning and then polishing them, enabling the guitar, bass, banjo or mandolin to have the lowest, fastest action possible with minimal fret buzz.

Guitars that have been played regularly for a number of years will suffer fret wear. Small divots or worn flat spots on the crowns can affect intonation and contribute to excessive fret buzz. In other cases there may be high (most common) or low frets at random spots on the fingerboard causing ‘choking’ when bending strings, or outright ‘dead’ notes that don’t sound at all.

Electric Guitar Services

Pick up rewinding, pick up replacement, rewiring, replacement of all controls, plus coil tapping and custom wiring set ups undertaken. Emergency repairs for working musicians a speciality. Don’t let that hum continue to annoy you, just give me a buzz instead!

Guitar – Bass, Mandolin and Banjo Set Up's

Check / adjust and carry out the following:

  • Nut height and slot profile
  • Truss Rod check
  • String Height/Arc check
  • Fret Polish
  • Intonation check
  • Pickup Balancing
  • Check for loose or threaded strap buttons
  • Check security / function of all hardware and parts
  • Clean and polish instrument

Structural Repair

Most structural repair work undertaken including lifting bridges, split tops, broken headstocks and neck breaks. Don’t worry, things often look worse than they really are, however if a repair is not viable, as you would expect we will be honest and tell you.

Repairs Particular to the Banjo – Five and Four String.

New banjo heads fitted, tuned and re tensioned. Goat / calf skin velum’s fitted to old time banjos including repairs to old instruments our speciality! Replacement shoe and tension hoop brackets sourced and fitted. Cross threaded nuts and bolts sorted.